Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Harcombe Diet - end of Phase 1 - Results

Here's where I am brutally honest with you all !

At the start of this Phase my facts and figures were:

Weight - 13st  (I am 5'6")

Bust - 43"
Waist - 38"
Hips - 43"
Thigh - 23" each

Dress Size - 16 (tight on me)

At the end of Phase 1 (5 days)

Weight - 12st 9lbs = -5lbs

Bust - 41" = -2"
Waist - 35" = -3"
Hips - 42" = -1"
Thigh - 22" each = -1" each

Dress Size - 16 (nice and comfortable)

Total weight loss in 5 days  =  5lbs

Total Inch Loss in 5 days  = 7"

Chuffed to little mint balls (oh no sorry, I still can't eat those!)

Lovely Hubby has lost 7lbs  in weight and 4" (2 off each leg....... thank goodness!!)

I am really pleased with the weight loss for both of us, my aim now is to get down to 12st 7lbs by the end of the week, so we'll see how I do.  It's been tough not being able to have some of the foods that would have made it even easier.  When I did the Dukan diet I wasn't a vegetarian and I would snack on chicken slices, which really fill you being just protein, this time I had only veggie sticks or eggs and a girl can only eat so many eggs in a day!!

Now  upwards and onwards into Phase 2 - which will suit me much more. 

The main diet rule for Phase 2 are not to eat Carbs and Fats together, at first this seems daunting but once you grasp it, it all starts to make sense and the meal plans emerge in your head.  The reason for this is that the body burns carbs as it's first choice of fuel and if you've eaten Carbs and Fats at one meal it will burn off the Carbs for energy and store the Fat.  If you just eat Carbs it burns them off and has NO fat to store, if you just eat Fats it burns these off immediately and again has nothing to store. 

So the only 3 rules for Phase 2 are:

1.  Don't eat processed foods.

2.  Don't eat Fats and Carbohydrates at the same meal.

3.  Don't eat foods that you know will cause your cravings.

The only exception to the Fats and Carbs rule, is that you can eat lots of salad and green vegetables with both types of meal, they do have some carbs in them, but not enough to override the fats you are eating.  You have to be a little more careful with some of the bright colour veggies as they are higher carb, so should be eaten more cautiously with fat meals. 

I can start to re-introduce foods now, and the first things I am bringing back are milk and cheese.  I love cheese and as a vegetarian it opens up so many more options.  We can also bring back in lots more carbs in the form of wholewheat pasta, brown rice, brown bread etc......all the things that we both love.  We are also able to have fruit now, 1 or 2 pieces a day, so it turns this into a very healthy diet.  The only thing that is still banned are processed foods, but I don't want them any more anyway, I suddenly feel full of energy and vitalised and I don't want to eat anything that would sabotage that!

Funnily enough although I can now have my coffee with milk I have felt no urge to rush to the kitchen this morning and make a cup, I have had my Oatbran Porridge for breakfast and two glasses of water and still no real urge for coffee.

I may get myself a cup in a minute and have a little journey around Blog world before starting on the days chores, but it's nice to know it's not an addiction (I honestly thought it might be, I was drinking that much of it before).

I must say a big WELL DONE to the two lovely Bloggers who have joined me on this Diet, Mrs Thrifty of  New Beginnings with Food and Woozy who has been a follower of my Blogs for ages a very like minded soul and a lovely lady. She does have a Blog but it's private at the moment, I'll make a BIG announcement when she goes public (no pressure then Sooze), and you can all dash over and see what she's been up to!!

We've been following each others progress with interest, it's nice to have someone to share this kind of diet with.

I'll be back tomorrow morning with what we eat today and from now on will post in this way.  Then you have the photos of food we eat with the description of it and maybe the occasional recipe, on the same post.

*** *** ***

If any of this is a little confusing, you can buy the book yourself and have a good read of it at your leisure, I have put a direct link to the Amazon pages for the individual books at the bottom of this Blog.  Simply click on the pictures.


  1. Wonderful - you have both done so well and must be so excited about moving to phase 2 - Thursday for us. My fix is sugar (usually in the form of chocolate) but I really haven't missed it. Yesterday I was cleaning the lounge and found a discarded ferraro rocher chocolate behind the bookcase - in the bin it went without a second thought. I love the feeling of my mind being clearer. Thank you for pointing us in the direction of this diet. Look forward to hearing all about your experiences on phase 2 xx

  2. Well done Sue (and Alan!) and how brave of you to publish your statistics! I don't think I could EVER do that!

    Nice to know that you haven't got an actual addiction to coffee....I think I might well have, I'm really missing it, the black decaf version is ghastly.

    One thing I have discovered is that my sweet tooth has vanished completely. Been diabetic for 6 months so sugar is out - before, I did occasionally have fruit or herbal teas (when I was feeling virtuous and in need of a health kick!), but couldn't stand the taste of them without 2 big teaspoons of honey in there. Now, I have fruit teas all the time, with no honey or sweetener, and they taste (almost!) as delicious as they smell. And on the rare occasion I do have something sweet (like last week on hols when I had strawberries and clotted cream - naughty!) it tastes excessively sweet. So it is perfectly possible to change your tastebuds and get rid of addictions.

    Looking forward to hearing about your Phase 2 meals Sue....I can't quite get my head around the 'no fats/carbs in the same meal' thing at the mo.

    (As for the pressure about making my new blog public - you naughty girl lol - I'm very stubborn, you know!).

    Regards, Sooze xx

  3. Oh yes, and I meant to say Mrs T - big congratulations on binning the chocolate!!! Erm, how did it get behind the bookcase anyway? lol xx

  4. I think I'm getting that impression!!

    I can't get back to your Blog I think you'll have to send me another invite when you post again....pretty please, unless I'm doing something wrong, I'll have a play and see.

    Sue xx

  5. I think I could do this if I had some family member to do it with !Well done on the weight loss - the stone & a half I lost is creeping back on so time to take stock.

  6. Sooze - I am guessing one of my boys was chucking chocolates - boys seem to throw anything round and projectile ... been there since Christmas - only know this because one of my students bought them for me xx

  7. Fabulous results, I am still lurking just not dieting LOL

  8. I am also on this diet. I found phase 1 quite difficult, as it was such a big change from my normal way of eating, but soon got used to it, and although am now on phase 2 am still having a lot of phase 1 meals to help speed my weight loss along. It is going well, and the health benefits have been worthwhile too - it has cleared up one or two minor conditions I had. I see this post is from last year and wonder how you are getting along now.

  9. Hello i am on phase one i presume tinned tomato s and tom paste are not allowed ? They are in the detox section of other clean eating plans ?

  10. Hello i am on phase one i presume tinned tomato s and tom paste are not allowed ? They are in the detox section of other clean eating plans ?

  11. tinned tomatoes are fine. they are in lots of the phase 1 recipes x

  12. Hi all
    Started phase 1 on Tuesday 2nd April
    Weight 11.4lb - size 14
    Target weight 10 stone
    Day one and two were fine .... not felt hungry once.
    Day Three woke with a headache and "yucky" taste in my mouth .... but feeling ok now.
    Started Phase 1 with information off the net ... Ordered the book which is due to arrive Friday.
    Looking forward to a weigh in at weekend.


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